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Admission Process

admission processAfter choosing the appropriate course and university/college and understanding that the student meets the admission requirements of the desired course the counselor will start with admission process.

Admission Formalities

Admission to high ranking universities can be very tricky our counselor will pay Special attention to student’s application and highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. He will assist student in obtaining required documentation like References, equivalence certificates, writing down admission essays or Statement of Purpose etc. For some universities and courses there is application processing fee as well which is usually nominal but nonrefundable; student can pay the fee either by demand draft, telegraphic transfer and usually online payment using credit card is allowed as well.

English Language certification like TOEFL, IELTS etc. is usually a requirement for non-native English speakers however required score varies widely among countries, universities/colleges and even courses. If the student has not passed or attempted required English Language Certificate the counselor will ask him to undertake the test and if he/she needs preparation the advisor will enroll him/her in one of our English Language Preparation course.

Application Submission

After completing the application the counselor will share the application with the student and describe him the whole application so that applicant can be prepared in case of an interview. A copy of the application will be given to the student in case of future reference.


Interview for international students is usually a formality that is often ignored and student is judged mostly on his admission application but some courses are exception like Medicine, Master in Business Administration, Legal Studies etc. If the student is required to take the interview the counselor will guide the student extensively and even arrange mock interviews.

Acceptance Letter

After fulfilling the course requirements usually student receives the Acceptance Letter varying from country to country some issue Acceptance Letter which can be used to apply for visa other issue conditional offer letter asking student to pay the course fee. Course fee is usually required to be paid by the student before the visa is granted in some countries student apply for visa and once the visa officer see that student meets basic requirements he/she ask the student to pay the fee while in other cases student has to pay fee before applying for visa. Your counselor will guide you the requirement for your visa application.