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I have started my career in the field of education by starting my own college but very soon I realized the reason why so many international students feel lost and unable to realize their dreams is not because of institutions, all institutes public or private must fulfill certain requirements to be operational, so quality of education is not an issue when coming abroad it’s the improper guidance they receive from their immigration consultants. Some force the students to bend their requirements so he could retain the client other simply just don’t have the ample knowledge of immigration process. In 2007 I founded Global Student with an aim to bridge the gap between institution and the international students and provide accurate information to the people who wish to earn foreign education.

We have an excellent track record with one of the highest success rates for student visas for different countries. Students from across the world have benefited from our experience and expertise. We have so far provided opportunities for hundreds of students from around the globe to migrate and settle in the most developed countries of the world and enjoy their living standard.

At Global Student we are proud to have a team of professionals who have lived, studied or worked abroad and have a valuable hand on experience of going through admission, visa and settlement process. With personal experience and up-to-date knowledge of latest immigration rules they can understand the student’s confusions and reluctance and address the issues without compromising on student's wishes and goals.

I assure you at Global Student our dedicated team will help you in realizing your dreams.