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Visa Assistance

visa assistanceEach and every country has a different process and check list to file a visa. Global Student guides you with proper information based on country to country. Without a successful student visa application, no amount of time and effort spent on identifying the correct course/location will help you achieve your goal of studying abroad. Global Student is experts in guiding you through the visa application process.

Now the question is why so many students are rejected for student visa, even if they appear to have adequate financial means, admission letter and even English Language Certificate? The answer is lack of understanding of visa process. Having a huge chunk of money doesn’t guarantee you the visa, complete financial documents and sufficient evidence of financial capability of the student or their sponsor is required. Global Student has more than five years of experience of guiding student visa applications. This experience allows our staff to give a thorough examination of all documents supplied by a student and point out areas within the supporting documents where a student may be vulnerable to rejection and show a student how to present their application in a favorable light.

We are committed to helping our students for their visa interviews through mock sessions, one-on-one counseling that clarifies their doubts and erases some of the mistakes they tend to make as each student thinks and speaks differently. As a consultancy that takes care of all such miniscule details, we make a note of each and every point while interviewing students and evaluate their profile for number of times before deciding upon filing the documentation. We believe in briefing each student in person, helping each student do his/her best in the Visa Consulate Interview.