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Visa Process

visa processAfter having all your documentation complete your counselor will start filling your visa forms this usually very critical process as forms are detailed should be completed at best to present the case as persuasive as possible.


Further documents are usually required which your student advisor will acquire or help you. These include affidavits, academic documents, cover letters and sometimes a statement of purpose is also required as part of the visa application.

Bank Statement/Bank Loan

Bank statement is usually one of the core requirements of the visa process. The account balance, number of transactions, closing balance and duration requirements varies widely among different countries. You can visit country pages for details or your student advisor will brief you about it. If the student could not arrange bank statement, bank loan is a good alternative. Global Student will guide student through the process and on request would suggest banks that can process student loans.

Visa Application Compilation and Review

Your student advisor will compile your visa application and before briefing you on it, your application will be reviewed by another counselor so any mistake or wrong doing can be judged by the fresh set of eyes once all complete your student advisor will describe you your visa application and for submission to embassy if required to be in person will hand it over to the student otherwise will courier it to the respective embassy or consulate.

Visa Interview

Although this is one of the most dreadful part of the process by the student but to be honest it’s not all that bad usually interviews are conducted in very relaxed environment and are revolved around your personality, finances and the course you have chosen. Your student advisor will guide you through the process and even arrange mock interviews for you just to help you overcome student’s fears.