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Ensuring your building is safe and serviced to protect the students within.

Global Student provides a range of building maintenance services, to ensure the safety of everyone inside and to meet and exceed statutory requirements. Making a good impression can really excel your business, whether appealing to prospective students or creating a comfortable living environment, let us take care of the behind-the-scenes.

Maintaining excellent standards

We understand that your student accommodation premises are an asset to your organisation and keeping them in prime condition is imperative.

Consolidate all your maintenance needs by appointing our multi-skilled team – we can provide a bespoke service in your building based on your requirements, from installation of mechanical goods to a full refurbishment.

Check out some of the maintenance services we offer below.

Our services

Sustainability Led Interior Design

Our sustainability interior design services allow you to create a sustainable and energy efficient outcome for your building. We pride ourselves on creating a synergy between exceptional design, energy efficiency, your vision and your students' unique requirements to help keep your PBSA sustainable.


When tenants move out of a space, we can return the space back to its original condition. Our dilapidation services include examining and assessing current building conditions, inspecting and testing electrical systems, and upgrade of current systems, to name a few.


We're on-hand to take care of any repairs needed - whether it's mechanical systems such as boilers, or exterior issues such as roof repairs. We can also take care of ongoing maintenance, ensuring a safe and proper installation to prevent any problems occurring.

Pest Control

Refusing to deal with pests in your building can ultimately lead to huge problems further down the line. Without control over your building's infestation, pests can potentially cause structural damage to your building, spread of disease, and become an overall threat to the environment. Following an independent site survey, we will provide detailed findings and a bespoke pest control plan to eradicate any little nuisances.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an essential part of creating a cool, comfortable environment, particularly during those hot summer months. It also protects the indoor air by filtering out dust, pollen and other pollutants, which is especially good for those who suffer from allergies. Our air conditioning services include the installation and maintenance of air conditioning units, to ensure your environments are cool and comfortable.

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